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Our Botanical Garden


The Garden

Est. 2015

Our largest undertaking is the construction of a 3.67-acre botanical garden in Leogane, Haiti. This botanical garden will serve as a center of environmental conservation, education, and beautification. In Haiti, many native species face significant challenges due to massive tree-cutting efforts. As a response to this issue, the botanical garden will play a vital role in conserving and protecting Haiti's unique biodiversity. The garden will also be an environmental educational resource, promoting environmental awareness and inspiring action among students and community members.

Our Progress

The garden currently holds over 30+ different species of trees including cashew, papaya, oak, cherry, and more.  We have constructed a fishpond, a pavilion, a picnic area, multiple nurseries, and a welcoming center. The garden is also decorated with various flowering plants and art displays to enjoy along the pathways.

Fruit Program

Growing fruits in the botanical garden is essential to our goal of promoting health and wellness. By cultivating fruit trees and vines, we emphasize the utility of trees for community members. We have successfully cultivated eggplants, cherries, pears, lemons, tomatoes, bananas, mangos, and berries. Our garden partners sell these items to the market, serving as an additional source of income for the community. This fruit program serves as a reminder of the connection between environmental conservation and economic sustainability.

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