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Sustainable Agriculture

Our goal is to promote planting techniques that protect the environment, help improve human conditions and promotes wellness and public health for all.  

Francine's Garden

Est. 2013

Haiti is now facing a new challenge: the ability to produce enough vegetables to meet the basic nutritional needs of its population. Francine’s Garden is a vegetable garden  concept which will help families living anywhere in Haiti have the ability and capabilities of growing their own vegetables. Our organization has been working with the Haitian community for the last five years to reforest Haiti and thereby affect change in the poverty level from an environmental perspective. The primary purpose of this project is to increase access to healthy foods and promote economic strength in the community thus promoting empowerment of the people.

Fruit Tree Planting Program

Est. 2012

The Fruit Tree Planting program is an initiative to promote reforestation by inciting farmers to grow fruit trees on their lands. In return, once harvested, these trees will provide income to the farmers who will preserve them, Tree Angels’ long-term objective is to start planting in the south-west communal regions of Logan and extend the tree planting project to different regional parts of Haiti. We also want to educate the population on topics such as growing more income-generating trees, soil conservation practices, and the ecological and health benefits of fruit trees.


Seeds for School Supplies

Est. 2012

From day one we’ve understood that children are the key to success of our reforestation projects. We foster innovative ways or approach to help them stay interested in environmental education. One of our programs is the Seeds for School Supplies, an integral part of the Backpack for Haiti Program. We encourage the community to save and preserve the seeds of the fruits and vegetables which they consume and in return, they receive school supplies for the donated seeds.

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