Our Story

It all started with a dream and a jingle that went "plant a tree; watch it grow." As someone who spent her childhood in the countryside, playing under luscious green mango trees under the heat of Haitian sun, the desire to aid with the current deforestation problem in Haiti started as a personal initiative after seeing the devastation caused by the earthquake in 2010.


Sandra, along with the support of family and friends, came up with a goal that the small peninsula in the Carribean, struggling with massive tree cutting problems, could regain its green canopies once again. That vision officially came to life in August of 2010, and almost 7 years later we have planted over 70,000 trees in the region of Leogane, southern Haiti.

Our Mission

Tree Angels for Haiti is a community-lead reforestation program aimed to help decrease environmental catastrophes, diseases and poverty associated with massive tree-cutting activity in Haiti.

We vow to contribute over a long period of time and in a sustainable way to the current reforestation efforts in Haiti, and to reduce environmental degradation through educaional and neighborhood revitalization planting projects. The primary goal is to plant trees where there's an urgent need. We wish to help establish environmental and economic stability and therefore help educate and empower the community.

Our Programs

Tree Planting

Our main program is to plant trees. Three times every year we go on a Haiti trip and plant in Leogane.See more.

Enviromental Education

In Haiti we visit schools and educate the children about trees. Recently we've published our own educational booklet about forests. We plan to publish more in the future. Read more.

School Partnerships

Including the backpack for Haiti program and Teachers helping Teachers Scholarship. Read more.

Dental Education

Ever since 2014 we've been going to Haitan schools and educating them about dental health. We've distributed many toothbrushes to the children and also informed them how to take care of their teeth. Read more.

Seeds for School Supplies

Exchange of seeds for school supplies in order to foster community support. Read more.

Francine's Garden

Haiti lacks many vegtables that we use everyday to cook. Our plan is to give families vegtables to plant and sell them or eat them. We've started with a few families and plan to take on neighborhoods. Read more.

Tree Angels for Haiti

Tree Angels for Haiti is a non-profit organization determined to help with environmental, educational and wellness programs to empower communities in Haiti.

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