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Education and Wellness
Community engagement and discussions about the environment and overall wellness is key to help the community take charge. 

School Partnerships


Part of our mission is to create partnership with schools in Leogane and its regions. Many of the schools in Haiti are lacking the funds to supply the teachers. Our short term goal is to outreach to local schools in the USA and Canada and connect them with Haiti schools. 

The Teachers helping Teachers programs is an incentive to help getting teachers back to work. Children can't get education if teachers are not employed. No money means no teachers. School partners are also involved in our reforestation programs. They are long term volunteers and help spread the word about the importance of tree planting.

Environmental Education


During our trips, we visit the schools of Leogane and its surrounding regions to reinforce the importance and relevance of tree planting. Education is key in what we do and our teaching help the students understand the relevance of tree planting and why it's so important to take care of our planet. We also emphasize on how living in an healthy environment impacts positively our health and wellness.

Dental Education


Our dental program started in 2014.  We outreach to the community and emphasize on the importance of oral health and the role of a healthy environment with respect to their health. We work with the community, the schools and interested volunteers. We teach dental hygiene and provide the basic dental care mainly to the vulnerable populations. This program is lead by Dr. Lynette Crocker, DDS. on a voluntary basis. 

Community Engagement Programs


Every year we participate with Earth Day events.  The events are conducted annually to help promote environmental awareness near the Washington metropolitan area. The themes are focused on recycle, reuse and reduce; Participation in local activities helps us give back to the community in which we live.

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Environ. Education
Dental Education
Earth Day
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