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School Partnership Program

Tree Angels for Haiti is welcoming partners locally and internationally to help us with our mission. 

Teachers Helping Teachers

Est. 2014

At our organization, we are driven by a mission to establish meaningful partnerships with schools in Leogane and its surrounding regions. We recognize that many schools in Haiti are struggling due to inadequate funding for teacher resources. To address this issue, our primary objective is to collaborate with local schools in the USA and Canada, bridging the gap and connecting them with schools in Haiti. Through our Teachers Helping Teachers program, we aim to incentivize and support the return of educators to the workforce. Our belief is that without employed teachers, children are unable to receive the education they deserve. By ensuring teachers receive salaries, we enable the continuity of education.


Backpacks for Haiti

Est. 2013

In 2013, we launched the Backpacks for Haiti program. Through this program, we partner with schools, organizations, and individuals to distribute backpacks filled with essential school supplies to students in Haiti. Each backpack contains items like pencil cases, notebooks, calculators, and writing utensils, equipping students with the tools they need for their education. Our goal is to bridge the resource gap and provide equal opportunities for students to succeed.

School Gardens

Est. 2011

During our trips, we visit the schools of Leogane and its surrounding regions to reinforce the importance and relevance of tree planting. Through this, we have helped facilitate the construction of school gardens. By establishing these gardens, we provide a hands-on learning experience for students, allowing them to witness the growth and benefits of planting trees firsthand. These gardens serve as outdoor classrooms, fostering a deeper understanding of ecological balance, sustainability, and the crucial role trees play in our environment.

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