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Image by Claudia Altamimi

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, we're always on the front lines. 

Supply Distribution

We actively collaborate with local groups in Haiti to provide a first response to disasters when they arise, ensuring the timely distribution of essential supplies, food, and care packages to those impacted by hurricanes, floods, and mudslides. We strive to support the affected communities as quickly and effectively as possible. We do so through collaboration and communication with our team on the ground in Haiti.

Image by Susan Mohr

Importance of Trees

Trees play a crucial role in mitigating natural disasters, especially on an island like Haiti. In a country prone to hurricanes, floods, and landslides, trees act as powerful protectors. With their strong root systems, they prevent soil erosion and landslides during heavy rainfall and storms. By absorbing excess water, trees reduce the risk of flooding and enhance natural drainage systems. Their dense canopies also serve as a natural buffer, minimizing damage from strong winds and safeguarding both infrastructure and lives. Trees in Haiti serve as nature's defense mechanism, offering resilience in the face of environmental challenges.

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