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NAAHP and Tree Angels for Haiti

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Tree Angels for Haiti


What is your mission?

Tree Angels for Haiti is a community-led environmental program run by volunteers. Our mission is to decrease environmental catastrophes, diseases and poverty associated with massive tree cutting activities taking place in Haiti. We collaborate with the population, which we serve as well as local and other non-governmental organizations committed to reforestation, education and wellness activities.

What makes your organization so unique in the non-profit space?

Our organization is unique because we allow the people which we serve to take charge. We play a supportive role and serve as mentors, provide training, as well as all the materials and logistics needed to grow and plant trees and other plant species. We value the recommendations of the local people, and understand that they can help restore their environment. We understand that the children are the key to a successful tomorrow. Therefore, we focus on providing educational materials and activities, which will help them to understand their role in maintaining a healthy environment.

What is your organization up to currently, and how can Members of the National Association of Haitian Professionals (NAHP) be involved?.

At the moment, we are launching a community garden pilot project in Leogane. The goal is to assess if this will deter the population from tree-cutting, and therefore reduce the deforestation rate in that region. We plan to pilot an educational booklet in different schools in Leogane, to educate children on the devastating problem of deforestation. We want them to become active soldiers in the reforestation movement.

We believe that NAAHP would be an excellent partner in our fight to help restore Haiti’s environment and therefore alleviate poverty. Since NAAHP provides networking between professionals and organizations, we wish to utilize that platform to invite professionals of different backgrounds and skills to assist in our mission. We are truly a grass-roots organization, on the ground and active in Haiti. We especially need the assistance of agricultural and forestry specialists. We also need the assistance of student volunteers who specialize in the mentioned fields, as well as accountants, website designers, historians and landscape designers.

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