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School Children Planting for a Greener Future

-Planting the seed of hope among those who can't afford to give is key. Josué, a farmer from the St. Etienne mountain is a prime example of resilience and perseverance. Just like you and me, he shares the belief of a better tomorrow. Many years ago, he too had a dream. He dreamed of a place where all the children living on the mountain of St. Etienne can have access to education and can live in an environment as green and lush as it was many years ago. In order to do so, he first sought help to build a school. He then planted and sold beans to keep the school operational and pay the teachers.

For many years, Josué has been on a quest to find the right partner or partners to help him carry out his mission. Today, Tree Angels for Haiti is a proud partner of Josué and has been assisting him in tree planting activities on the mountain of St. Etienne for the past five years. We are proud to see his and our dream becoming reality and now able to have the young people of that region carrying out the same mission. Amazing!

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