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Hike for Haiti 2016

Hike for Haiti is an annual fundraiser organized by Tree Angels for Haiti. This outdoor activity helps the participant get active and move a great cause forward.

"The Hike for Haiti event was a fun way to experience the wonders of our local environment while meeting and engaging with both new and recurring members of the Tree Angels community. I had a great time conversing with people I had never met before, as their new ideas inspired me to see what I could continue doing as a long-term member of Tree Angels for Haiti. Additionally, as I reunited with older Tree Angels, it was inspiring to see how they have continued to make changes in their own neighborhoods as a member of the organization. Community events like these remind me of how much of an impact Tree Angels for Haiti has had; not just in Haiti, but in my local environment as well. For the second year in a row, Tree Angels has managed to bring a diverse, yet like-minded group of people together to discuss how they can continue to be positive change-makers, all while keeping the atmosphere light and enjoyable." Chloé

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